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Working Together to Safeguard Children
            Working Together to Safeguard Children

8.8          Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup Continuity Plan


The purpose of this Continuity Plan is to prepare Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup in the event of interruption to services. This plan identifies vulnerabilities and recommends measures to prevent interruption and loss of services to all we serve.


This plan will be effective for the following situations: Burglary, damage to building; intruder; fire; flood; building damage; loss of power, heat, water, gas leaks; natural disasters; IT malfunction; safeguarding matter that may threaten the well-being of the  children.


We will identify the risk and outline the effect it could cause. We will analyse a strategy and set out clear procedures to follow for each scenario.


We believe that plan will make our setting more resilient and will enable us to act swiftly and effectively to minimise any impact on the setting if disruption hits.


Thorpe Acre preschool Playgroup will endeavour to ensure that the Children, Staff and Visitors safety are paramount in procedures set out in this plan.






The implementation of the plan will be as follows:


  1. Follow procedures and instructions of the first responder to see if evacuation is advisable and, if so respond to the fire drill procedure and ensure all children, and visitors to the setting leave the building and gather at the designated location.


  1. Gather all registers and contact information located at exit points.




  1. If necessary contact Parents to inform them of the situation; inform them that the children are in a safe location; request that parents pick their children up as soon as possible; The Preschool Manager will remain with the Children at all times; A sign will be placed on the setting doors or entrances for Parents who could not be reached.




  1. Before returning to the building and/or reopening, check with appropriate authorities to determine if conditions are safe, check the operation of all utilities.




  1. In the case of extended period of closure parents will be contacted by telephone and advised as to the situation.


Emergency Closure policy

We at Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup endeavour to be open for business during term times. Where disruption is unavoidable, all involved in the preschool are kept informed and we will reopen at the earliest possible opportunity.


In the unlikely event that we have to close at times other than scheduled in the normal opening hours and dates, the policy is applied to ensure that all involved in the preschool have a clear understanding of the procedures which will take place.


An emergency closure is implemented in the following circumstances:

  • When the building is unusable through accidental or malicious damage.
  • When the building is unusable due to required maintenance work. Where possible we will endeavour to negotiate scheduled work to be carried out during hours of closure.
  • When an outbreak of illness within the setting requires closure in line with Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Ofsted guidelines.
  • When illness levels within the staffing body means it is impossible to maintain the correct ratios of suitable adults to children.
  • When severe weather conditions prevent staff from reaching the setting safely and it is impossible to maintain the correct ratios of suitable staff to children.
  • When staff bereavement means it is impossible to maintain the correct ratios of suitable staff to children.






In the event of any of the above incidents occurring which requires the setting not to open on a given session, the Preschool Manager / Deputy Manager will make contact with the families affected for that session in advance of the day where practical. Where it is not practical the management team will remain at the setting until such time as it can be determined that all the affected families have been made aware of the situation. The preschool manager is responsible for informing the relevant authorities of the unexpected closure. Initially this means informing the Early Years Childcare and extended services team. Other parties who may need to be informed are Ofsted, Heath Protection Agency, and the local heath authority, Health and Safety Executive and RIDDOR, depending on the circumstances of the closure. Parents are informed about how they can find out when the nursery will re-open and other pertinent information according to the circumstances of the closure. This may include asking them to nominate a preferred contact number/email address, or holding a special meeting to keep parents informed.



Emergency closure after a session has started

In the event of an emergency closure after the session has started you will be informed by telephone that you are required to collect your child as soon as possible. If the closure is due to sickness, the children and all staff who are unaffected remain on the premises until all children can be collected. If the closure is due to emergency which requires the building to be evacuated, the children are safely evacuated according to the current fire drill procedures. Contact information for all the children is taken out of the building alongside the daily registers. Once the building is evacuated, the preschool manager ensures the relevant authorities/emergency services are called. The children are then taken to a place of safety until such time as they can all be collected by parents and carers. The manager/deputy will contact the parents and carers of the children present. All staff remains with children during this time.



Where the preschool has to close in an emergency, the management arrange for any funding from the local authority to be repaid if required, and or refunds to be made to any families who pay fees. This is usually made by way of a reduction from the next half-term’s fees, but may be in the form of a
direct payment if circumstances require.



When the temporary preschool closure is expected to continue, the Leader and/or Chairperson should
direct staff to report for duty at an alternative workplace.

Emergency closure policy and practice reviewed procedure reviewed annually by Chairperson



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