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Working Together to Safeguard Children
            Working Together to Safeguard Children


5.1 Staffing

Policy statement

We at Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup, provide a staffing ratio in line with the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that children have sufficient individual attention and to guarantee care and education of a high quality. Our staff are appropriately qualified and we carry out checks for criminal and other records through the Disclosure and Barring Service in accordance with statutory requirements.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, staff will be deployed as per the government guidance. A risk assessment for working with prioritised places is included. Relaxation of the rules on ratios may be implemented only in exceptional circumstances, and only during the COVID-19 outbreak period. Any relaxation of ratios must be based on a risk assessment approach and with the authorisation of the manager. Otherwise the following procedures applies.

During the COVID-19 outbreak early years staff are themselves considered to be “key workers”. If staff cannot source care for their own children then they are able to bring their child to the setting, insuring that as far as possible, they adhere to the criteria below and ensure they are not breaching conditions of their insurance provider:

  • Where members of staff have their own children with them at that the setting, the aid of the child must fall within the stipulated ages of the settings Ofsted registration.
  • Where members of staff are likely to be working directly with their children, this is subject to discussion before commencement with the manager.


To meet this aim we use the following ratios of adults to children:

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements.

  • Children aged two years: 1 adult : 4 children:
  • There are 3 members of staff at all times, at least 2 members of staff holding a full and relevant level 3 qualification or above and at least half of all other staff hold a full and relevant level 2 qualification.
  • Children aged three years and over: 1 adult : 8 children:
  • There are 3 members of staff at all times, at least 2 members of staff holding a full and relevant level 3 qualification or above and at least half of all other staff hold a full and relevant level 2 qualification.
  • We only include those aged 17 years or over within our ratios, where they are competent and responsible. We may also include students on long-term placements and regular volunteers (aged 17 or over) and staff working as apprentices in early education (aged 16 or over).
  • At Thorpe Acre playgroup, a minimum of 3 staff/adults are on duty at any one time; one of whom is either our manager or deputy.
  • Our manager deploys staff, students and volunteers to give adequate supervision of indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring that children are usually within sight and hearing of staff, and always within sight or hearing of staff at all times.
  • The number of children for each key person takes into account the individual needs of the children and the capacity of the individual key person to manage their cohort.
  • All staff are deployed according to the needs of the setting and the children attending.
  • Our staff, students and volunteers inform their colleagues if they have to leave their area and tell colleagues where they are going.
  • Our staff, students and volunteers focus their attention on children at all times and do not spend time in social conversation with colleagues while they are working with children.
  • We assign each child a key person to help the child become familiar with the setting from the outset and to ensure that each child has a named member of staff with whom to form a relationship. The key person plans with parents for the child's well-being and development in the setting.  The key person meets regularly with the family for discussion and consultation on their child's progress and offers support in guiding their development at home.
  • We hold regular staff meetings to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss children's progress, their achievements and any difficulties that may arise from time to time.
  • We also hold monthly staff, supervision, Keyperson and meetings to update our policies and procedures..  Staff are also involved in evaluating the practice of the setting.


This policy was adopted at a meeting of

Thorpe Acre Playgroup

(name of provider)

Held on

June 2020


Date to be reviewed

January 2021


Signed on behalf of the management committee


Name of signatory

Rachel Dashi

Role of signatory (e.g. chair/owner)



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Updated June 2020

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