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Working Together to Safeguard Children
            Working Together to Safeguard Children

11.2  Parent / Carers Charter


Policy statement


At Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup, we want all our Parents/Carers to feel welcomed, listened to, understood, accepted, valued and comfortable.



To achieve this aim we will,


  • Introduce families to one another.
  • Promote a caring and understanding approach to other families and their circumstances.
  • Liaise with Parents/.Carers to resolve any misunderstandings between families.
  • Liaise with Parents/Carers to promote confidentiality between families
  • Promote an anti-baised approach between Parents/Carers when resolving concerns amongst families.
  • Make known to all Parents/Carers our expected behaviour poster and to be aware of the content of their conversations and language used when within the setting and grounds.
  • Make know to all parents that mobile phones are not permitted to be used within the perimeters of our setting and grounds.
  • We have adopted the rationale of the School Conduct Policy and believe that Staff, Parents and Children are entitled to a safe and protective environment.  Any behaviour that will cause harassment, alarm, distress or ridicule to users of our premises, is contrary to the aims of our pre-school.  All families are given a copy of the charter at induction meetings and expected to abide by this policy.


This policy was adopted at a meeting of

Thorpe Acre Playgroup

name of provider

Held on

June 20


Date to be reviewed

June 21


Signed on behalf of the management committee


Name of signatory

Rachel Dashi

Role of signatory (e.g. chair/owner)



Further guidance:  Thorpe Acre Infant School Parent/Carer conduct policy


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