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Working Together to Safeguard Children
            Working Together to Safeguard Children

1.9 Online Learning Journals/Tapestry


Policy statement


At Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup, we create an online Learning Journey, for all children attending, through the platform of Tapestry, which records observations, photos and videos and also provides an opportunity for parents to comment and add their observations for their own child’s journal.  This helps to provide a strong partnership and good communication between the setting and home of the children.  Each child’s learning journey will go with them if they move to another setting, or when they leave to attend Primary School.




  • At Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup, we use the secure online system Tapestry, which allows staff and parents to assess the information via a personal password protection log in.
  • Each child is allocated a key person, who is responsible for their development and compilation of their learning journey, however all staff are able to capture observations for each others children.
  • Observations and media relating to the keychildren of other staff members MUST be shared and images permanently deleted asap. (usually within the week the observation is taken)
  • Parents logging into the system are only able to see their own children’s learning journey.
  • Parents access allows them to comment or reply to observations that staff have inputted as well as adding their own observations/photos/videos.  Any observations the parents add have to be approved and added into the journal by the staff to ensure appropriate content.
  • Before parents are linked to their children’s Learning Journal, they are asked to give written consent for their child’s image to appear in other children’s learning journeys as either as part of a photograph/video or observation.
  • Before using/accessing the system, parents have to sign to agree not to download and share any information on any other online platforms or social networking sites (such as Facebook).
  • Whilst Tapestry provides a fantastic tool for sharing information between the Preschool and parents, it is not used as a way of sharing general communication.  Each child’s Learning Journey is a document to record their learning and development, which parents can add comments to or contribute information of what their children have been doing at home.  Any further discussion of progress and concerns, will be done during a face to face conversation at the setting or at Parent Meetings.
  • Observations are regularly monitored by the managing staff and assessed during supervision meetings to ensure they are providing relevant and informative information.


Safe Use Agreement


  • No Staff member is allowed access to Tapestry until all suitability checks are in place, including an enhanced DBS check.
  • Staff sign a Personal Ipad agreement and fully adhere to our online safety, Safeguarding and Data Protection Policies and Procedures.
  • All staff sign self-declaration forms at least twice a year during the appraisal/supervision process, declaring that neither themselves or anybody who lives with them have any convictions, cautions, court orders or reprimands and warnings which may affect their suitability to work with children.
  • Staff will log out of the tapestry app or programme online when they are finished, in order to maintain confidentiality.
  • Staff will not share login or password details with any person not employed by Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup.
  • Staff will not share any information or photographs relating to children with any person not employed by Thorpe Acre Preschool Playgroup.
  • Staff will take all responsible steps to ensure the safekeeping of any portable device e.g. IPad that they are using and report any missing devices.
  • Only staff who are acting as key person’s to children are authorised to access Tapestry away from the setting.
  • Staff must have authorisation from the Manager/Deputy to take an IPad out of the setting.
  • Staff who do not have key children are only allowed to record observations on Tapestry during session times under the supervision of the Manager/Deputy.
  • If accessing Tapestry from a private computer, not on preschool premises, staff must maintain confidentiality and professionalism.
  • If staff are accessing Tapestry from their home or preschool IPad or their own private computer, they must work in a private room, away from other family members, ensure the IPad or computer is completely logged out of Tapestry and the passwords are not saved anywhere that would allow anyone else access. NO images of the children are to be uploaded or shared to any device other than the settings Ipads.
  • All entries on Tapestry must be appropriate
  • All entries on Tapestry remain the property of the Preschool, until such time as a child leaves, when it is passed over to the child’s parents and receiving setting.
  • At all times, staff must comply with Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and the settings guidance on Tapestry procedures.


This policy runs in conjunction with the following policies:

  • Use of mobile phones and camera policy
  • Key person policy
  • Online safety policy
  • All safeguarding policies



Legal framework


Children Act: (1989) S47

Protection of Children Act 1999

Data Protection Act 1988

Children Act (Every Child Matters 2004)

Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Acts 2006


Sexual Offenders Act 2003

Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000

Equalities Act 2010

Data Protection Act 1998 Non statutory guidance


Further guidance



This policy was adopted by

Thorpe Acre Playgroup

(name of provider)


September 2019


Date to be reviewed

September 2020


Signed on behalf of the provider


Name of signatory


Role of signatory (e.g. chair, director or owner)






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